Bad School Dream During Coronavirus

There is always a reason for a dream and during this time on the planet many more people are remembering their dreams as we have slowed down in society. Upon awakening, I thought to myself – what a bad school dream I had! During the day, I debated whether or not to share my nightmare since it’s been a while that I did a “What’s Pamela Dreaming” blog. Yet, the purpose of this website is to teach and help people, without further ado…

Pamela’s Bad School Dream

I was in a classroom with younger students, when I thought to myself what am I doing here as I didn’t sign up for this class. Then I looked around to notice that the students were sitting right next to each other without their masks on! Why aren’t these people social distancing and wearing masks were my concerned thoughts. Grabbing my belongings, I stood up, and began to walk away. Out of the blue, some young guy (who gave off the vibe of I’m attracted to you) touched my face and stomach. “Don’t touch me and get away from me,” I responded as I backed away wanting to wash my face and take off my shirt. This jolted me awake.

First Interpretation

My first impression about my bad school dream school was that it was about my own fears about being infected with the coronavirus. Plus a friend, who was tested positive for the virus, was taken by ambulance to the hospital the day before. Hmm, yet schools are about lessons and since it was a new class this had to be some kind of learning that I didn’t plan on. Obviously, none of us consciously signed up for the Covid-19!

Goodbye Nightmares meditation

As the Day Went On…

While drinking my coffee, I watch a long preview of the upcoming Plandemic Movie sent to me by a client. One of the topics was of how this virus could be all about money. Which reminds me of a chiropractor I knew, who would recommend MRI scans to his patients as he received a nice kickback from the company. Later that day, a friend’s Facebook posted an article about Laurie Garrett, a Pulitzer Prize- winning journalist, who was correct in the impact of HIV, predicted this virus, and gave her future predictions.

In the movie and article, I intuitively felt truths in both; however, not everything felt right. These sides of the coronavirus and what’s on the news reminds me of analyzing a dream. There are almost always more than one interpretation to a dream; nevertheless, it’s also important to allow time to reveal more.

Second Interpretation

This bad school dream isn’t just a message for me, it’s for YOU, too. There’s many unknowns about the coronavirus with much more to learn as it’s a new lesson for us. Society is at different levels of beliefs; not everyone will respect the information, nor care for other’s safety. Lastly, the young guy’s actions in my dream are representing that logic is a part of this lesson; however, we need to face that we have more to learn and TRUST OUR GUT on what is right.

Final Thoughts

Just for today, it’s important to be grateful for what we have instead of focusing on the have nots. If you have food, shelter, and a device to read this blog; you have much more than many on the planet.

Whenever fear appears, acknowledge and feel the emotion while proceeding through it…

Begin to: interpret your dreams, work on your spirituality, write that book, start a blog, create a song, do a project, or whatever your heart’s desire is.

We can get through our new lessons!

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Bad Dream School

2 Replies to “Bad School Dream During Coronavirus”

  1. Wow. Thank you Pamela. I had no idea you were a Dream Interpreter. What a blessing in disguise. It must have been Destiny that i stumbled across your link for creating oracle cards.
    I love your dream and how you interpreted it. As soon as you said you had a dream about sitting in school , it made me think of our spiritual class room called Earth. The school for our souls evolution. And that guy touching you against your will made me think of boundaries. Something I’m still working on too
    I am such a vivid dreamer too and remember a Lot of my dreams from the past. Lots of recurring UFO dreams too. Wow!
    I will for sure join your blog !
    Thank you for all you do and stay safe and healthy
    Many blessings 🙏💜☮️🌎
    Angela 🙋‍♀️🐈🐈🐾🐾

    1. Thanks for stopping by again. I agree about the boundaries, which are needed even more during this time. I’m sure more will be revealed about the dream in the future. How cool that you have UFO dreams!

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