Answers to Dream Interpretation Questions

A college student sent me an email asking for answers to dream interpretation questions for a research paper. Since I enjoy teaching about dream analysis, I was happy to assist her, and answered five questions. The writer in me is always seeking an ideal for this blog and since they were my answers, I decided to use it for a blog. Please note that the student’s questions have been reworded to protect her identity.

Five Answers to Dream Interpretation Questions

Do you believe there are any possible meanings in people’s dreams?

I know there’s meaning behind a dream as I’ve been interpreting dreams for almost three decades. What makes my heart sing is when after I analyze a dream for a client, they respond, “Oh my God, that makes so much sense!” In my own life, I use my dreams’ valuable information all the time.

Can dreams be therapeutic for the dreamer?

Absolutely! Dreams can be therapeutic as they show us how we feel, plus the truth of situations and our relationships. A quote from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams sums this up nicely:

“There is no denial in the dreamtime, only subconscious and spiritual truths.”

~ Pamela Cummins

When we know and work through our issues, we become free. Of course, there is also pleasurable dreams like being on a date with a famous movie star.

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Is it possible that dreams teach us a skill or lesson to help protect ourselves for survival?

Yes to all of that! A personal example of this is a precognitive dream I had (twenty-seven years ago) about a man who I felt wanted to control me. Imagine my shock when I met him a few months later and he looked exactly like he did in my dream! Yes, his energy was very controlling and I quickly blew him off. I discover later that he had been married three times and he was only in his late twenties.

If dreams are a part of our memory, why do we forget them?

Can you remember what you had for lunch on the Friday three weeks ago?Perhaps you would if it was a special occasion. Our conscious mind can only hold so much; however, dreams are probably stored in our subconscious mind (I’m not a scientist). Another reason we forget our dreams is they can be very fleeting unless we make an effort by recording them immediately upon awakening. Dreams disappear if we answer the call of nature, our children or pets demand attention, and so forth.

Many ancient civilizations believed that dreams were used as a link between humans and celestial beings, do you believe that dreams can link us to the supernatural?

Yes, yes, and yes! Which is why we have spiritual dreams and visitation from deceased loved ones, angels, Gods, Goddess, spirit guides… It’s easier for those who are dead and higher beings, who’s energy is very high, to meet us in our dreams. Why? Because we, Earthlings need to vibrate at a lower energy in order to stay in a physical form; however, our energy is at a much higher rate when we are asleep and dreaming. During this time, it’s easier for both party’s energies to meet halfway for a visitation.


There you have it, answers to dream interpretation questions. As you can see, dreams are so much more than useless nonsense that takes decades to understand. Even after a long lifetime, there’s always more to learn.

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Answers for Dream Interpretation Questions

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