Woodpecker Symbol Dream Meanings

Recently, a Pileated woodpecker has been spotted in our yard that inspired me to write a blog on the woodpecker dream symbol meanings. Woodpeckers are very shy, often hiding from humans. Which is why I was excited when I noticed him while I was washing the dishes and shouted out to my partner to come quickly. We watched him in awe for a few minutes, then took pictures and video! The pictures and video in this blog were captured by my partner on his camera during the woodpecker’s next trips to our home.

Woodpecker Symbol Dream Meanings

Here are eight possible interpretations if a woodpecker appeared in your dream:

  1. Scrutinized a situation in your life.
  2. Stop picking on yourself or someone else.
  3. Continue to search for the treasure that is buried within yourself, another person, or a circumstance in your life.
  4. Find the truth by picking it apart.
  5. Work hard to bring home the bacon.
  6. Establish boundaries to stop allowing others to tear you apart.
  7. Speak your truth to get to the heart of the matter.
  8. Trust your senses.

Of course, those interpretations aren’t written in stone. Please keep in mind that your feelings, past experiences, and present situations/obstacles impacts your dream’s message. A woodpecker symbol dream meanings could have thousands of messages when you add in: people, other symbols, different types of actions, and where the location is.

Let’s use a dream example to help illustrate the above paragraph:

A woodpecker is pecking on a tree.



Here are three different types of feeling with the past, present, and an obstacle mixed in that would impact dream’s meaning:

  1. Shame might be representing how you felt when you saw an old schoolmate who you used to pick on.
  2. Anger may stem from your work situation and having to seek another job.
  3. Hope for the future would occur if you are currently working on clearing up your debt.

Add In…

Now I’m going to play around with this dream by using two different examples each for: people, other symbols, different actions, and location.

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  1. Your mother in the dream could mean that you feel she’s nagging you.
  2. A coach may symbolize to keep going for your goal.

Other Symbols

  1. If the woodpecker pulls out your childhood teddy bear, this may mean that you need to heal issues from your family tree.
  2. A pen in the woodpecker’s beak could be encouraging you to continue writing your book.

Different Actions

  1. An angel appearing next to the woodpecker might be a message to go within to expand your spirituality.
  2. A cat climbing up the tree may mean to take flight from your enemies.


  1. If the woodpecker is in your yard this could be symbolic to examine the health of the tree.
  2. The dream taking place in the desert is showing you that no matter how bleak things may seem, be patient as a miracle is about to take place.

Final Thoughts

Did this blog inspire you to examine your woodpecker symbol dream meaning even more? Hopefully, it did.

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Dream Meaning of Woodpecker

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