Spiritual Chapter Dreams

It’s been on my list to write a blog about spiritual chapter dreams, which is a subcategory within the spiritual dreams category. Recently, I interpreted a dream for a client that was a perfect example for spiritual chapter dreams! She was kind enough to allow me to use her dream for this blog in the hopes that it may help someone.

In case, you have no idea of what I mean by spiritual dreams, here’s a section from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams for a clearer definition:

What makes spiritual dreams stand out is that there could be spiritual characters, like Jesus or Buddha. In spiritual dreams you will be afraid to do something, yet will go through the experience. The last element of these dreams is that you will be leaving one chapter to advance to the next level in your life.

Spiritual Chapter Dreams

Client’s First Dream Scene

I was in a large room, like a large auditorium. There were a lot of people in there. I was sitting on the front row in a metal fold up chair, when drums started playing. We were taking part in a guided meditation. While the drums were playing, I started swaying in rhythm with the beat. Then I fell to the floor, eyes half open (kind of like a trance state). I could half see out but I had no control of my body, I was just jerking and swaying, kind of like a fish on the floor. I was half up under the woman’s chair that was leading the meditation, and she said to me “get in the egg shape”. I balled up in the egg shape (fetal position) except for one leg and I heard someone say “Kathy, let it go” (Kathy is our 9 year old daughter). When I finally got completely in the fetal position, she touched me and said, “Now you can be reborn.”

Client’s Second Dream Scene

After she said that I was standing on a ledge of a cliff in a horseshoe shaped canyon looking up at several waterfalls. Then all of a sudden the water falls stopped and started flowing backwards. When they did I started shouting at the top of my lungs. I was so full of Spirit and energy I wanted to explode. I just kept on shouting over and over. I saw a guy I was friends with years ago that I used to attend church with, and we fist bumped.

Then I saw men that looked like Native Americans wrestling and rolling off of the cliffs, but they were not getting hurt. I then turned and saw a large door in the side of the canyon, and I went in. Inside there were children preparing a lot of food for a large meal. They were arguing and fighting among themselves, and I told each one to love each other and to have peace, and I spoke some proverbs that I really wish I could remember. They just stood there awestruck and agreed with me and went back to work.

By this time I felt like I was glowing. I walked back outside and on the edge of the cliff was a gazebo. Inside were 6 or 7 people dressed in traditional oriental attire that was red and black with what looked like Asian writing all over them. Standing in the center of them was someone that was solid gold with black Asian writing all over them. I stood there staring at them and I remember feeling I wanted to stand in the center of them really bad. Then I woke up.

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Interpretation for Client’s Spiritual Chapter Dreams

The first paragraph is about listening to your own beat and going with the flow. The egg shape is symbolic for birth and beginnings (later validated by the teacher’s words). Your daughter is symbolic for your inner child and/or inner female (creative, emotional, and intuitive side).

In a nutshell – this dream scene is about letting go of old ways, especially spirituality since it was in a spiritual atmosphere. And being reborn in spirituality, yet also a new YOU!

Your second dream scene is the process of being reborn! The waterfalls literally cleaned you from the outside and inside. Your shouting was not only an emotional release, but an energetic release to allow a new way of living and spirituality into your life.

Fist pumping with your old friend is symbolic that it’s okay to test out different traditions and spirituality. This is reaffirmed with you wrestling (Native American symbolism) with testing out different viewpoints on spirituality and ways of life and not getting hurt. Perhaps falling off the cliffs represents going to hell?

The children in your dream represent your inner child preparing to be fed the new fruits (food) of life. While their fighting and arguing are symbolic for your own inner child; however, intuitively I feel it’s for other childish people in your life. Loving yourself and others is the key to peace and feeling the glow within.

The gazebo on the cliff’s edge is symbolic that you will be safe and protected when you go out on the outer edge of spirituality. At the ending of the dream with the people dressed in the Oriental attire means for you to test out different types of spirituality to help you get grounded and eventually centered in higher levels of spirituality.

In Conclusion

Wow, I really loved my client’s spiritual chapter dreams! Hopefully you enjoyed it too, it assist you in identifying your own spiritual dream, and inspires you to take action for the next chapter of your life. If you need any help, please check out my services. Namaste and sweet dreams…

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