How Interpreting Dreams Transformed My Life

Do you think your dreams are meaningless nonsense? Or do you have no idea what your dreams mean? Back in 1990, I thought my dreams were crazy without any understanding about their meaning. This changed when I started working with a therapist to aid me with my vivid dreams that eventually healed issues from my childhood. Working with my dreams have completely manifested a life filled with more self-esteem, spirituality, plus knowing who I am. The following are three ways my dreams have transformed my life.


In the early days of learning dream interpretation, I was clueless as what my personal symbols meant; therefore I went to dream dictionaries. What I discovered was definitions of their symbol meanings didn’t ring true for the majority of my dreams, which you can learn more about from the blog “Are Dream Dictionaries Interpretations Right or Wrong?”

How Tarot Cards Help with Dream Interpretation

What helped me with learning symbols was Denise Linn’s book The Secret Language of Signs. However, the tool that accelerated gaining knowledge of my unique, personal symbolism was my first tarot deck Ancient Egyptian Tarot by Clive Barrett. When I first began learning the deck I would look up the card’s meaning in the booklet that came with the deck, which I soon discovered it amounted to the same limited information from a dream dictionary.

Egyptian Tarot Cards
My 1st Tarot Deck

These following exercises are what aided me in truly understand the meanings of each cards: mediating while holding the card or putting it on my third eye, observing a single card to discover deeper information, laying out several cards next to the one card to experiment how they interact with each other to discover how it changed each cards’ meaning, and sleeping with the deck of cards, which lead to quite a few wild dreams.

You may be wondering how learning tarot cards assist in discovering your unique symbolism? By going within, you are exercising your symbolism muscle; therefore, it increases your ability to understand the symbols of the messages of the nighttime. Another bonus of learning tarot is it surges your intuition and psychic abilities. It’s a win-win!


As a Libra it is often difficult for me to make a decision. Solutions dreams guide me to the correct choice. You can learn more about how to use this dream category in the blog “Got Problems? Solution Dreams to the Rescue.” These dreams work much better than a pros and cons list.

Your solution dreams will always guide you to what is for your highest good, whether that is in your career, health, or how to deal with a problem. This is another bonus of learning the secret language of dreams; however, you need to have a strong working knowledge of your personal symbolism as well as understanding your unique dream language to truly comprehend your dream’s message.

Dream Interpretation Services

My personal solution dreams have guided me in my love life for years: who to avoid, men who are players, a cheating boyfriend, and Mr. Right. You can learn more about how a dream guided me towards Mr. Right in my guest post on the Angel Messenger website.

Psychic Abilities

I just love premonition dreams as they give me insights into the future; nevertheless, it took time, deep soul searching, plus the patience to recognize if I had a precognitive dream. Click to view all the precognitive dream blogs. A gigantic benefit of having precognitive dreams (in the early nineties) was it provide the way for me to get back in touch with my psychic abilities.

After a while, when I was working with my dream therapist, I started having premonition dreams that later became one of many reasons to end our sessions. I used to handwritten all my dreams down in a journal so I could deeply analyze each one and compare them with other dreams. It was so fascinating to me when one of my dreams became true.

During one part of my dream interpretation journey, it seemed like all I did was dreamed precognitive dreams! Until one day, my repress psychic abilities began to slowly emerge. This happened because I was gaining more self-confidence, understanding my dreams, and trusting/using the information from my dreams. When I integrated my psychic abilities into my daily waking life, I started to have less premonition dreams. Higher Source works in mysterious ways!

Interpreting my dreams have enriched my life in so many other ways, yet I don’t want to bore you with writing a book about myself. I hope this blog inspires you to become serious about analyzing your dreams and your comments are welcomed. Please explore this site for more post regarding analyzing your dreams and/or discover my book and services. Sweet dreams!

How Interpreting Dreams Transformed My Life

5 Replies to “How Interpreting Dreams Transformed My Life”

  1. Thank you for your Sharing of your lifes journey with your dreams.
    At the age of 38, i could see for the first time, my lifelong dream journey and progression.
    I started as a child dreaming of deep waters, oceans, beaches, rivers, lakes, etc. Always with a feeling of anxiety and some resistance, but stil curious enough to explore.
    Then into adolescene, dreams of houses and all rooms inside and grounds outside.
    Then adulthood bought on the conclusion of the houses, then into dreams of elevators and apartment buildings.
    Then at 27-28 yrs, a series of three individual one off dream events, profound, unlike anything ever experienced in the past and stil to this date.
    Straight after those, came the Dreams of Adventures on Other Planets. And im not talking about our solar system either.
    Planets from afar, planets in other galaxies, others regions of all the universes.
    These dreams felt like a deserved vacation from my self development work in the area of dreams.
    I had graduated from one level to thenext and the planets dreams, was a sabbatical vacation for all my hard work.

    1. How awesome to have your dreams match your life journey! Your dream adventures would make an interesting book, podcast, or video series. Even if you just focused on your dreams about other planets. Thank you for sharing.

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