Dream Meanings of Bugs and Insects

Have you ever had dreams about insects? What kind of bugs were you dreaming about? One common interpretation for insects is to think about what is bugging you. If you flip through a dream dictionary or a book on symbolism you will find various meanings on the different types of insects; however, a dream meanings of bugs and insects will be altered for each dreamer due to their feelings in the dream, what is occurring in their life, or past events.

Dream Meanings for Bugs and Insects 

When I was a little girl, perhaps around ten years old, I had a dream about bugs. I can’t remember the details; nevertheless, what I do remember is being terrified. At the same time, I was so grateful that it was wintertime in New Jersey, while wishing summer would never come. Now, let’s imagine a ten year old boy had the same dream, would he have the same reaction that I did? That’s highly unlikely, in fact, it could have filled him with joy as he probably thinks creepy crawlers were awesome.

Ants and Bees Dream Meanings

Bee’s Dream Meanings

Let’s use the symbolism of bees that you could find the following meanings in a symbolism book or dream dictionary: busy as a bee, sweet as honey, mad as a hornet, hard work that leads to prosperity, feeling stung, or being a queen bee. All these meanings may make sense in your dream, yet a dream meaning would change according to what is happening in the dreamer’s life. Someone has a dream about bees because they spent the day knocking down nests that the bees keep building on their front porch, or the dream might be a warning that there was a bee’s nest that they were unaware of.

Ant’s Dream Meanings

For past events we can use ants as an example. Here are some basic meanings: patience, working for the benefit of the community, carrying a heavy load, your aunt, or feeling antsy. Again, those interpretations all make sense. But, what if you hate ants because as a child you fell on a red ant hill, got viciously bitten by these ants, and was rushed to the hospital. Those basic meanings wouldn’t be correct if you had a dream about ants; whereas the interpretation of an ant for the dreamer could be feeling attacked by someone or a group of people. Your dream might also be informing you to watch your step or take care of your health to avoid being admitted to the hospital. 

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Feelings, Past Events, and Current Life

If you have read my other blogs on dream symbols or dream dictionaries, you may think that I totally dislike dream dictionaries. This is not the case, although my concern is when people take their meanings at face value. Learning the secret language of dreams is complicated; however, you will receive a better understanding of the dream’s message if you focus on what you’re were feeling in the dream, how it might relate to past events, or what is occurring in your life today.

So have you ever dreamed about bugs? If yes, what type of insect was in your dream? Did you understand the meaning of your dream?

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Bug and Insects Dream Meanings

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