The Many Interpretations of Short Dreams

Don’t discount short dreams, thinking that there’s not much value or they only have one meaning. Just like one word in the English language can have lots of meanings, a symbol in a dream often has numerous meanings. This is why I compare dream apps/dictionaries to learning your ABC’s with a few basic words such as Jane, Spot, or cat. When you add in what has happened in the past or occurring today in the dreamer’s life, plus their emotions in the dream – the meanings become even more complicated.

Rarely does a dream just have one symbol; as a matter of fact, there are usually at least two or more symbols in a dream, which is why I give my clients several interpretations to choose the one or two that feels right to them. To read three short dream examples, please visit June’s 2017 In the Dreamtime column in the free online Bellesprit Magazine. You can submit your dreams for the magazine by emailing them to I include similar styles of dreams for each month’s column; therefore, your dream may not appear in the following magazine issue. If you need the interpretation sooner or desire to learn how to interpret your own dreams, visit my dream interpretation services web page.

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