Dreaming of the Dead

Sadly, this video no longer exists because the owner (not me) deleted the Facebook business page. Below you will find other blogs on the topic of dreaming about the deceased.

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Deceased Dreams

4 Replies to “Dreaming of the Dead”

  1. Hi there,

    My husband just passed away recently. We have a child together. Before he passed on we sort of lived separately but I still full filled my duties as his wife. He also had an ex wife and children from her. When he really got sick they came between us and sorted broke our relation. I was very affected by this as all I wanted to do was to be there for him. I dreamed about him recently and he was telling me how much he loves me and that he is happy that he is with us now. He was standing in my kitchen at home. Also said he has all the strength that he needs because his with me now. His late dad was also in my dream. I woke up very emotional crying. He looked well and healthy. Please advise me if it was a visit from him. Thank you

    1. I’m sorry for your loss, Rachima. I don’t interpret dreams for comments on any of my blog posts. I would love to assist you with analyzing your dream once you purchase a service, either by email or phone/Zoom. Not only will I interpret this dream, I will give you guidance on how to integrate your dream’s message into your life and any messages from my angels and spirit guides. Here’s the link for my services https://learndreaminterpretation.com/dream-interpretation-services/

  2. I had a dream of my dad he passed on 16years ago and just 3 days ago I dreamed about him but I was with my brother in a grave yard it was dark and my dad was laying on his grave with a sheet over him till the neck and his eyes begun to move and he awoke and was speaking to me saying something about a different nation doing wrong and what this world is becoming and also saying things I couldn’t remember but in a way I knew how he would speak

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