Many Dream Meanings for Home Invasions

Dream symbols and meanings have an endless amount of interpretations depending on an individual personal symbolism, what is occurring in the present, past events in their lifetime, and the emotions felt within the dream. Understanding your dream meanings is an ongoing process, yet aids you in comprehending the age old question – who am I?

In case you are unaware of it, I have been the columnist for the monthly column In the Dreamtime in Bellesprit Magazine since 2013 where I interpret dreams the readers email in. My readers’ dreams are so fascinating and a pleasure to interpret. What is fun about this column is I never know what dreams I’ll be interpreting for the month or if the dreams sent in have a theme.

I had lunch with a fIn the Dreamtime Bellesprit Magazineriend in February who told me about a dream she had, which intrigued me due to the fact it could have a plethora of meanings. She promised to send in the dream for my column, thankfully she came through on her promise. I received another interesting dream a few days before I was due to write the column. Duh! After I wrote the column I realized they were both about the dreamer’s home being invaded. How awesome is that! The first dream is a great example of how one simple dream can have many different interpretations and the dreamer will know what one fits best. The second dream had a ton of symbols with more of a straightforward meaning, although still had variables.

To read these two dreams, please visit In the Dreamtime and I would love to hear your feedback on what you think the dreams could mean.

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