Precognitive Dream of My Aging Father

I had the strangest precognitive dream of my aging father, and I just had to share it with you! My dream is another example of why not to rely on a dream dictionary app or book. This dream baffled me upon awakening, although I thought of a couple of possible interpretations. It was only until an event happened it made sense.

Before I go into my dream, let me give you some background information. My father is in his late eighties and living with two male house cats in an apartment in New Jersey, USA, where I’m originally from. My sister and I live in North Carolina, USA, about an hour away from each other. To drive from where we live in North Carolina to New Jersey can take anywhere from ten to sixteen hours, depending on the traffic and route taken. And it takes two airplane rides to get there. We worry about him because he has passed out and had two falls. The first fall he broke his front tooth and now has to use a cane. He broke his nose during the second fall. The doctors don’t know what the issue is.

Precognitive Dream of My Aging Father

FYI I used to do medical massage in my 30s. The dream had other parts to it, but here is the important part:

I was doing a massage technique where I went up the side of my father’s spinal column, then from his shoulders to his neck, and up underneath his head. Most of his upper body was on the table, but his hips and legs were in a cage that was similar to a birdcage.

In the next scene, our parakeet, Pedro, was out of his birdcage and walking on the carpet. I was concerned because the cats might get him (not mine or my father’s cats). So, I grabbed him and stuck him back in his birdcage. What a relief!

Events Following the Precognitive Dream of My Aging Father

As I mentioned earlier, a couple of interpretations came to me. Although the following event that happened later in the day proved this was really a precognitive dream. Tuesdays at 9 AM is our standard father/daughter time to talk, and I always try to get some work done beforehand. I was in the middle of posting on LinkedIn when my father called. Is it 9 AM already? I thought.

It was 8:15 am. Sadly, my dad passed out and has his third fall. This time, he couldn’t get up from the fall. He called out to Siri, “Call Pamela Cummins.” Thank God for Siri’s HomePod! After getting in touch with the people in his apartment building, they called 911 and opened up his door for the ambulance. At the hospital, my father had x-rays taken and a CAT scan done. There were no serious injuries, which I’m grateful for. He broke his nose again, his hands and shoulders hurt because he probably landed on them, and he has bruises. My sister is with him now.

We all agreed he can’t be on his own during a family Zoom meeting. Dad will call around to check on assisted living homes in North Carolina, as they are much more affordable than New Jersey. But first he needs to recover from the fall.

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Interpretation of My Dream

The massage technique and grabbing Pedro from the floor (our parakeet) were symbolic of me taking action for my dad when he fell. Also, his upper body took the brunt of the injuries.

What I find interesting in this dream is when he was on the table and the lower half of his body was in a birdcage. I get two interpretations for this.

  1. His legs aren’t working like they used to and his legs are/feel caged. While his upper body is working fine.
  2. This could also be symbolic of the CAT scan he had in the hospital. Therefore, the massage meant him getting medical attention, while the cats getting him was really about him getting a CAT scan.

Now, for the part of the dream where I put Pedro back in his cage. Here are two dream meanings:

  1. My feelings of relief that my father is safe back in his apartment.
  2. Since birds fly, his spirit was debating whether to leave his body when he fell. Because of my sister and me wanting him to stay on the planet, he decided to get back into his body aka cage.

This dream shows different meanings for the precognitive category, yet would have different interpretations in other dream categories.

Final Thoughts on Aging

Let’s face it, it’s hard watching our elders age and transition into the afterlife! Even when you know life goes on, and have experienced visitations from the deceased loved ones in the daytime or your nighttime dreams like I have. It’s also a mirror of our own future of aging and eventual death.

Perhaps we’re weird in my family or just facing reality because we talk about dying and our wishes. My father has even planned and paid for his body to be flown in and cremated at a funeral home. And the memorial, too. Plus, he made sure I take care of his two cats.

I encourage you to spend time with your loved ones. Do your best to resolve issues, even if it’s only cleaning your side of the street as you are powerless over their actions and how they chose to clean their side of the street. Make every minute count!

It’s a hard conversation, yet find out your aging father and other loved ones’ wishes for what happens when they get older and what their wishes are for passing. Then respect their wishes and do what they asked, even when you disagree. Know that someday you will see them again.

My father has written books and you can find them on Amazon, yeah that’s where my love of writing and reading came from.

If you need help interpreting your dream, please visit dream interpretation by email.

I wish you many quality moments with your loved ones!

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