Dream Meanings for Bats

If you’re wondering what the dream meanings for bats are, then you have come to the right place. Just a reminder that symbols in a dream can have many different meanings because of your feelings, your life situations, and occurrences from your past.

General Dream Meanings for Bats

Here are ten meanings:

  1. A creepy person.
  2. It’s time to enjoy the nightlife.
  3. There’s a person who is driving you batty.
  4. This is really about a baseball bat.
  5. The need to belong to a group.
  6. To find the light within the dark.
  7. A man cave or private space.
  8. It represents Dracula who turned into a bat.
  9. It’s important to rely on your instincts before you can see the results.
  10. The desire for a superhero to save you or to search for the hero within.

Of course, there are many more meanings for the bat symbol.

Pay Attention to Your Feelings

Your dream meanings for bats can change depending on how you felt in a dream. Let’s take the following dream example:

A bat flies out of nowhere and lands on top of your head.

These are three interpretations of the dream:

  1. Sarah wakes up from this horrific dream shaking and realizes it represents her negative thoughts.
  2. Roger loves bats! This dream shows his desire to have a bat for a pet.
  3. Linda felt anger when she had the dream. She knows it’s about being sued because her son hit a boy (from another team) in the head with a baseball bat.
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Experiences Effect Dream Meanings for Bats

Besides feelings in a dream, your past situations can alter the meaning. The message may link back to that experience fully. Your dream might be about a person who triggers the emotion from that memory. Or issues you’re having today have an aspect of that experience.

The following are three examples of bat memories:

  1. Jerry got lost in the woods at seven. He spent a scary night alone in a cave where bats were flying in and out.
  2. Tony’s parents had bat houses in their yard and he loved watching them fly.
  3. My sister and I were terrified of a bat in the attic when we were children. So we wrote a letter asking him to leave and slipped it under the door.

How could these memories change a dream’s meaning? Here’s another dream example:

Upon opening a window, a bat flies into the room.

Dream Interpretation for Current Life Situations

  1. Jerry’s marriage is having problems, and his wife wants him to go to therapy. But he’s afraid to go and stays in his man cave.
  2. Tony is hopeful that moving his new bat house closer to his bedroom window will encourage bats to hang out in his room.
  3. I need to have a conversation with my sister about a difficult subject. The best approach would be to write an email.

Final Thoughts on Dream Meanings for Bats

Did these examples encourage you to look a little deeper into your bat symbol? That was my intention. Take a deep breath, and think about your feelings in your bat dream. Then ask yourself how it connects to your life, and allow the answer to come.

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