Women’s Spiritual Holiday Gifts

These recommended women’s spiritual holiday gifts are books, clothing, and music. Their products are perfect for the holiday and throughout the year for loved ones and yourself. I have known each of them for many years, and I’ve used their merchandise.

After you watch the short video, I’ll write about how I met each seller. Here’s the video:

Women’s Spiritual Holiday Gifts

Background on Women’s Spiritual Holiday Gifts

Here’s the history of how we meet in alphabetical order of their last names. Please click on their names to learn more.

Alianne Donnely

Smashwords is where I buy most of my eBooks because Mark Coker’s company is a gigantic supporter of self-published authors. Unlike another company that encourages exclusivity and constantly is creating ever-changing rules for their bottom line. Therefore, I joined a Facebook group called A Smashwords Book for Everyone. This group is where I discovered Alianne and her books back in 2013.

Talk about being blown away by her writing! Her book, The Royal Wizard, can be compared to the works of Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey. Yes, she’s that good. What I really appreciate about Alianne is she’s talented enough to write in many genres. I’ve read everything she has written, except Wolfen. Why? After reading two chapters of her outstanding writing that made the story come to life, I knew to not continue. You see, I am a wimp when it comes to horror, and realized that I would have nightmares for weeks!

Alianne and I continue to connect on Facebook and email, where I discovered that not only is she an awesome author, she’s a delightful person! Giggle. Upon finishing The Royal Wizard and praising it to no end – Chris, my honey, teased that I had a hard-on for her. Kind of hard to do as I’m a woman; however, the reason she’s one of my favorite authors.

Dyan Garris

Around 2008/2009, I was an adviser for lines that we psychics nicknamed minimum wages for psychics. Therefore, what a pleasure it was to apply for her former psychic line, Voice of the Angels. Dyan Garris paid her psychics a good wage; however, more importantly, she created a line that was filled with ethical, loving advisers that served the public intending to assist in their self-growth.

What I love about Dyan is that she has gifts in many areas. She is a fabulous musician who is a composer of beautiful soothing music for the soul, an author, creator of oracle decks, psychic/medium, website and tech master, and with high principles in business.

Dyan has invited me to work with her on several of her projects, as well as her being a guest on my former radio shows and podcasts. We are colleagues, nevertheless; we are so much more. And I’m blessed to have her in my life.

Chariss K. Walker

Would you believe Chariss also had books on Smashword? Grin. She’s another author I met at the Smashwords Facebook group I mentioned earlier. We immediately clicked as we enjoy and have many things in common: metaphysics, holistic healing, personal and spiritual growth, being an author, reading, and more…

Chariss went from assisting individuals to heal and grow to accomplish her goal of reaching a larger audience by publishing books. Her heart is so HUGE! Not only does she write nonfiction, she authors fiction, both using a spiritual theme. Some of her books have insight into taboo topics that society needs to heal. Even though some of her topics are intense, Chariss is talented enough to write in a way for everyone to understand, regardless of their reading abilities. I’ve also had the privilege of giving her feedback on her darker fiction books before she publishes them. Can you say – perks!

Being an Indie author can be frustrating. Chariss is a bright light in the world of self-publishing. I look forward to our continued supportive friendship…

Tiffany White Sage Woman

My former radio show, The Love Channel Show, was run by not only myself but also on three radio networks. The second network was where I met Tiffany. Every week we talked before and after the show, as well as connecting on Facebook. She was so easy to work with that when she left the network to establish her own; it was a no-brainer to continue with her.

Five to six years ago, my angels pushed me to leave my radio show. Honestly, I was nervous about her reaction as I had an unpleasant experience when I left another network (not Tiffany’s) and sadly, we no longer speak. Whew! Thankfully, Tiffany was very mature about me leaving her network. We continue to collaborate, whether that’s being a guest on a show/blog, or networking.

Tiffany is a very talented psychic medium, who has done accurate readings for me. She is also a gifted healer in many healing modalities. Her radio network, Goldylocks Production, is on many platforms, including iHeart Radio.

Conclusion of Women’s Spiritual Holiday Gifts

It is an honor knowing these ladies, even though I haven’t met them in person. I’m grateful for the internet, Facebook, and the phone serving as a platform so that I may interact with them. I consider them colleagues and friends. Please check out their books, music, and products. You can find my services here.

Whatever holiday you celebrate in December, I wish you much peace and happiness!

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