Where Do Synchronicities Come From

Ever wonder where synchronicities come from? But first, let’s go over what synchronicities are. Synchronicity occurs when a situation happens that isn’t random. Instead, there is meaning behind the occurrence. It’s too powerful to be a coincidence, rather it is a Godcidence. You will have a feeling or knowing something important has happened, which will teach you a lesson and/or help you with your life direction.

A synchronicity can occur in a number of ways. It can appear through song lyrics, movies, surfing the internet, overhearing a conversation, seeing the same number constantly, and other ways. Here are two examples of synchronicity. You’re wondering if you should study Reiki, then ten minutes later a friend texts you information about an upcoming Reiki course because they thought you be interested in it. Or you’re in a rush for an event where you’re the speaker and feel concerned you won’t find a parking spot on the city street. To your shock, there are two spots open, so it’s easier to park in the tight spaces.

Sometimes when you ignore a synchronicity, they will occur again and again. Decades ago, I was in a bookstore, and Harold S. Kushner’s book, When Bad Things Happen to Good People, caught my attention, although I didn’t buy it because I prefer books from female authors. Ten minutes later, I was at the library, when lo-and-behold, there was the same book. I thought maybe I’ll read it another time. When it appeared a third time on the library’s fifty cents bargain shelf, I couldn’t ignore it. Kushner’s book was a great read, and a vital lesson to always pay attention to a synchronicity the first time.

Where Do Synchronicities Come From?

Now, that you have a better idea what synchronicity is. Where does it come from? The American Heritage Dictionary fifth edition gives one meaning, as follows:

Coincidence of events that appear meaningfully related but do not seem to be causally connected, taken by Jungian psychoanalytic theory to be evidence of a connection between the mind and material objects.

Personally, that definition doesn’t cut it for me. Take my example of the book appearing three times within fifteen minutes; of course, there was a connection between my mind and material objects. However, it wasn’t my mind that put the books at the bookstore and library. So who did?

I get a vision of my Spirit Guide using Heavenly forces to have the book stand out in the bookstore. Then gasping because I didn’t want to spend money on the book. Because my next stop was the library, my Spirit Guide moved around the book, thinking I’ll pick it up and check out the book because it’s free. Now, my Spirit Guide is wondering, “Why won’t she get it?” So my guide pulls the book out of the ethers and places it on the bargain shelf. When I pay the librarian fifty cents, my Spirit Guide is going around doing high fives with other spiritual beings while singing Hallelujah!

Okay, maybe it didn’t happen that way, but you get the idea.

To answer the question of where do synchronicities come from? They come from a power that’s greater than humans. Call it God, Goddess, Higher Power, Angels, the Universe, ancestors, or whatever makes you comfortable. It’s important to know a synchronicity is done for your highest good, personal growth, and spirituality.

Final Thoughts

The next time a so-called coincidence occurs, think of it as a synchronicity. Then open your mind to the action you need to take for your betterment. If you need help with this, other spiritual growth topics, or a psychic email reading, please visit my service page.

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