Pet Grief When You’re Spiritual

Even if you communicate with the dead, you will still have pet grief when you’re spiritual. This is true whether you’re a psychic, healer, and/or practice spirituality in whatever format. It’s painful when we lose our pets.

There are some people who may tell you, “It’s just an animal,” which is upsetting. However, I pity them for they have never experienced the bliss of being loved by a pet. Believe me, many more people will comprehend what you’re going through. Hundreds of people visit the blog post Dreaming of a Deceased Pet everyday on my website and a few leave comments.

With my cat, Merlin, I had dreams of his passing, felt his loving energy on the day he died (2-6-21) and afterwards, and he visited me in a few dreams, too. Despite all of these experiences, I still needed to mourn Merlin. And I continue to have feelings of grief about not having his ‘physical presence’ in my life. I miss: holding him, talking to him, yelling at him when he was naughty, hearing his meow, walking him on his leash/harness, feeding him, cleaning up after him… Click to read more about my baby boy, Merlin.

How to deal with Pet Grief When You’re Spiritual

These are nine actions I took recently when Merlin passed and before with my other pets that I would like to pass on to you.

  1. Allow the tears to flow for the loss of your family member.
  2. Take some time off of work if possible.
  3. Acknowledge the other feelings that come up.
  4. Write letters and/or talk out loud or silently to your departed pet.
  5. Realize the guilt over the ‘could haves and should haves’ might not make any differences and were lessons for both of you.
  6. Allow other pets and family members grieve in their own way.
  7. Talk to supportive people.
  8. Preserve your pet’s memory through pictures, paintings, t-shirt, or whatever feels right to you.
  9. Give yourself as much time as you need to grieve.

Some pet owners rush out and get a new pet right away. Please be careful of that because you can’t replace a beloved pet as every living being is unique. Honestly, I did that when my cat, Midnite, died in 2008 and bought my parakeet, Birdy Bird, within a couple of weeks. Part of me wanted to give Birdy Bird away when I realized he was a rebound, but I had a dream to keep him. Lesson learned!

If you need help with your pet grief, please visit my services.

Originally posted April 4, 2021

2 Replies to “Pet Grief When You’re Spiritual”

  1. Have lost 2 cats our first passed away in 2008 was 14 years old named cuddles our second just last year put to sleep 18 and 7 months old put yo sleep names apples both girls but our,second still not over her abd yes thru were our family have had signs she has been around as l believe in the spiritual life and not imagining it not interested in another cat too hurtful

    1. Dianne, I understand the feeling of not wanting to be hurt again, as it is painful when they pass. Yet, it feels reassuring when they come for a visit, whether that’s when we are awake or in our nighttime dreams. One day, I’ll reunite with all my pets. What a glorious day that will be! I wonder if I’ll even see my goldfishes and Beta fishes?

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