Cards for Dream Interpretation

My cards for dream interpretation are now updated, and I am waiting on the first proof. It would be wonderful if the deck is available during the holiday season. However, that depends on how the proofs turn out. They probably will need some tweaking. I’ve come a long way since I created the former Analyze Your Dream Oracle Cards. In this blog, I will go over my card making journey, then I’ll compare the old deck with the upcoming new one.

My Journey with Cards for Dream Interpretation

The first oracle deck I made was Purrs for Humans and it has made a few sales. But it was a personal deck with photos of my cats, Rhiannon and Merlin (who departed). It was a fun experiment that gave me a little experience on how to create a deck back in 2018.

I did research in 2019 before creating the dream interpretation deck, yet there wasn’t a one-stop source for this information on the internet. Instead, it was scattered details across multiple websites. It took me many hours during the days of researching the information to compile all this information into understanding how to create my upcoming deck, which was so frustrating! This inspired me to take my notes and write the post “Want to Create an Oracle Deck?” Since then, there are more blogs on this topic, although my original post is still receiving many visitors each day.

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Old Cards for Dream Interpretation

A former teacher of mine said, “How do you know what you want, if you don’t know what you don’t want?” Hence, the reason for all of our lessons.

The oracle, tarot, and self-improvement decks in stores, Amazon, and other online stores for less than $30.00 probably are printed by the thousands in China. U.S. Games Systems, Hay House, and other large companies have the money and storage for their decks. The average Indie deck creator doesn’t. Some people used Kickstarter or Indiegogo to support their decks, which is a ton of work, very stressful, and sometimes campaigns have lost money because they budgeted incorrectly.

Shuffled Ink printed my Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards. They did a beautiful job, and I have given them referrals. I ordered less than one hundred decks without a box and booklet to keep the sale price down. Instead, I created a PDF booklet, and I bought durable burlap bags in a tarot size. Plus purchased shipping items.

Then I created an Etsy store, did the write-up, took pictures, and slowly added a few other products. Etsy charges different fees to have a shop there. To make a decent profit, I needed to price the deck at $55.00. I’ve seen decks for a lot more than that on the platform. Buyers beware, if you see a deck for under $30.00, they might be a used or counterfeit deck. Please read the seller’s bio and other details to avoid being scammed.

My Etsy experience taught me this wasn’t what I wanted and the reason why I closed my shop at the beginning of 2022. Thankfully, I covered my expenses and made some money. I have eight decks left of Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards. Please contact me if you’re interested in them.

Game Crafter

After I created my former cards for dream interpretation, I went back to Game Crafter to create two other decks. It surprised me how much I liked their tuck boxes and used them for my poker-sized decks, Answers From Animals and Merlin’s Purrfect Lenormand.

With Game Crafter, I can offer card decks with a box for a much lower price than printing them on my own. Since they use print-on-demand, I don’t have to store them or ship out the cards. Another bonus with Game Crafter is their profile and sales pages are nicely done. Less work and making money is a win-win!

Today, I know what I want to do with my new dream interpretation deck, which will be on Game Crafter.

Old vs New Cards for Dream Interpretation

Since I am more experienced in creating oracle decks, I choose to make them differently. The first was to make each card in a similar artwork format, rather than having a bunch of different types of artwork. The back is different, too. I’m still leaving the booklet in a PDF that you can download or print out.

Some cards are still the same, while others are completely different. The old cards are in purple, while the new cards are blue. Here are two examples:

Final Thoughts

I’m very excited about the upcoming cards! If it is meant to be, they will be available for the holidays. If it’s not meant to be, you can always purchase one or more of my other decks at Game Crafter.

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