Grow with Spiritual Dreams

This blog was taken from part of a free class that I did on Learn It Live. What’s not included in this post is the examples I used to provide more details on each of the three dream category, four vital facts of how dreams increases your spiritual/personal growth and the three A’s. To watch the thirty minute class and discover how to grow with spiritual dreams, please click Dream Interpretation Increases Spirituality.

3 Types of Spiritual Dreams

Precognitive Dreams

This dream category is informing you of possible upcoming events, and how you can grow from it is: 

  • Begin to make preparation for the future.
  • Make changes to avoid an undesirable prediction.
  • Let go and let God or whoever your Higher Source is for events that you cannot control.

How does this increase your spirituality?

By trusting the information you are receiving and doing whatever is best for your highest good, while knowing that a power greater than yourself is taking care of you and others!

Dreams of the Departed

When dreaming of your deceased loved ones it can assist your spiritual growth by:

  • Knowing that your loved ones are still around you. When you talked to them, they hear you and assist you with your life.
  • If you’re dreaming of unresolved issues with your departed loved ones, this helps to clear away the residue that interferes with you growing spirituality.
  • Validating that life continues after death.

How does this assist your spirituality?

These dreams confirm that there is life after death and will encourage you to work on your personal/spiritual growth while serving others.

Past Life Dreams

This type of dreams shows you:

  • Why you are the way you’re today.
  • Issues that still need to be overcome in your present life.
  • Insight into the reason of yours and others behaviors.

How does this accelerate your spirituality?

From looking at previous lives, you can see what lessons you need to learn in this lifetime. Which gives you an advantage of pinpointing where to grow spiritually.

May you continually grow your spirituality! If you need help with understanding your dreams meaning, check out dream interpretation services. For accelerating your spiritual growth, visit spiritual growth coaching.

Grow with Spiritual Dreams

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  1. Thank you for reading it 🙂 Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to past lives. What matters is whether a past life appears in a dream, daytime vision, or hypnosis is – people take the “lesson and healing” from it to apply to their lives. If it helps them, does it really matter if they believe in past lives or not?

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