What Is the Dream Meaning of Cars?

Cars are everywhere and an important part of our lives; therefore, it’s not surprising we dream of them. Yet, what is the dream meaning of cars?

The three main symbols of cars are:

  1. Representation of our bodies.
  2. Symbolism of travel.
  3. Metaphor of if you’re in control of life (driving car) or others controlling your journey (in the passenger seat).

If only those two meanings or searching for a symbol in a dream app/dictionary would supply the true message of your dream. Dream interpretation is much more complicated than symbols, as you need to add in: past experiences, repressed memories, unresolved issues, current problems, relationships with others, feelings in the dream, other symbols, and your unique hidden messages.

In this post, I will use three dream categories to help get the above point across. To discover more about each category, please click on the links.

Learn the Secret Language of Dreams

Environment Dreams 

  • A day spent at the race track could trigger a dream.
  • TV show or movies about car racing may promote a dream.
  • Engine starting up outside your bedroom can accelerate a dream.


  • Your boss driving a car like a maniac would represent how out of control you feel at work.
  • You losing control of the wheel and getting into an accident could be symbolic that you need to slow down.
  • Your dream is showing you memories of a past car accident where a loved one died, which there are issues you still need to resolve.

Precognitive Dreams

  • You’re dreaming of checking the air pressure in your tires are reminding you to put air in your tires or to take your car in for maintenance.
  • You dream of a car accident on the highway you usually drive to work, the next day you decide to take a different route, and later on discovering there was a fatal car wreck that back up traffic for miles.
  • I had a dream (a few decades ago) that I rear ended a cop car with my car and felt devastated and terrified of what would happen.

Are those car dream meanings true for everyone? Of course not, as everyone is unique and so are our dreams. Take for example the precognitive dream I had of slamming my car into a police car. Thank God that didn’t happen! Instead, someone else rear ended me. Even though there wasn’t damage to my car, I stood up to the policeman by insisting I needed an accident report that he didn’t want to write. Which turned out to be a blessing, since the accident caused whiplash on the right side of my neck and shoulder, and I had to submit proof to the insurance company.


What’s Pamela Dreaming?

My recent car dream inspired me to write this blog and here it is:

I said my goodbyes, left a former spiritual meeting I used to attend, walked through the parking lot, and got into my car. In my current car, I backed up the vehicle to get out the parking spot, and put the car in drive. A little further down the road, my car did a donut, then I was driving backwards through the woods, and to my frustration no matter what I did the car continued to stay backwards.

At one point in the dream as I was looking out the back window, I couldn’t see, so I glanced at the rearview mirror, and still couldn’t see through the forest. Terrified, there was nothing left to do, but to turn it over to my Higher Source, and trust. This brought a sense of peace. Out of nowhere, the car straighten up by its self as the engine shut off, and ended up at the edge of the woods and paved road. I attempted to start up the car a few times to no avail. Thought to myself that I to reach out for help and wonder if I had enough money to cover the expenses of the car repair.


This dream is a wonderful example of how the past, present problems, emotions, other symbols, and hidden messages work. Could it be a premonition of future care problems? Perhaps, but so far my car is fine; knock on wood. Observing the dream it could also represent my spirituality and life in general; however, intuitively I know it’s more specific.

Here’s my interpretation:

For years, I specialized in love and relationships by doing psychic readings, while dream interpretation was occasional side work. This was the right path for me for quite some time, yet for the past few years I felt stuck, and decided to focus on dream interpretation. Hence, the symbolic meaning of leaving the spiritual meeting and my car doing a donut.

As I continue this new path through uncharted territory (meaning of the woods/forest) I felt frustrated at times because I wasn’t sure where I was headings, and had to trust my Higher Source, which always is a source of strength. Driving backwards without knowing where I was headed is a representation of continuing blogging on dream and doing my psychic readings, while creating a podcast and website for spiritual and personal growth.

November of last year, I made the final decision to focus completely on dream interpretation and personal/spiritual growth (as they go hand and hand). I let go of the love and relationship website, although the topic will still be included in interpreting dreams, self-growth, and spirituality, as it’s a part of life. This represents the part of the dream where the car straighten out and is at the edge of the paved road.

As I embark on this new journey it is important to reach out to others to network and for help because no one can move forward on their own. And of course, being self-employed, I have to spend money and time for assistance to continue down my path…

For updates on my upcoming announcements for a free dream interpretation master class, live online workshops, and more, please follow this blog or sign up for a free gift to get newsletter updates.

Dream Meaning of Cars

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