Dream Interpretation Interview with Dr. Steven Fox

I’m overjoyed to have Dr. Steven Fox, author of Dreams: Guide To The Soul, 40 Ancient Secret Keys to Healing, Renewal, and Power on my blog today. Let’s start the interview.

Pamela: Thank you so much for being a guest on my blog, Dr. Fox. Could you please tell us when and why you began interpreting dreams?

Dr. Fox: I have always been interested in dreams, but what brought it deeply into my life was being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in January of 1991. I subsequently went to psychotherapy with a Jungian trained psychotherapist who was an expert in dream interpretation. I learned much about using dream interpretation to make practical decisions. I have been in private practice since 1988. After reading many books about dream interpretation, and experiencing it in psychotherapy, I found that using dream interpretation was very useful in my doing psychotherapy with clients.

Pamela: What inspired you to write the book Dreams: Guide To The Soul?

Dr. Fox: As I read the dream books and tried different interpretations with clients, I learned which principles of dream interpretation worked. My clients helped write the book in many ways. The book was field-tested on my clients. I derived forty principles of dream interpretation from their feedback. I only included principles that worked ninety percent of the time. Dreams: Guide to the Soul is a summary of my life’s work.

Pamela: For someone just beginning the journey of dream interpretation, what advice would you give them?

Dr. Fox: The best learning comes from having your dreams interpreted by someone who has devoted considerable time and experience in dream interpretation. Reading books written by Jungian analysts are enlightening. I view Carl Jung as a master of dream interpretation as that was what his work revolved around. Robert Johnson, Marion Woodman, and Clarissa Von Estes are a few of the prominent Jungian analysts. Learning the typical patterns or archetypes in dreams is extremely helpful.

Pamela: Could you tell the readers one ancient key to help them interpret their dreams?

Dr. Fox: The most important one for me has been the idea that each living thing in a dream is a part of the dreamer’s mind at the first level of dream interpretation. Men tend to go with an action part of the dreamer’s personality, while women usually go with a more emotional aspect of the dreamer’s psyche. This is not always absolutely true, but it tends to pan out that way. It is equalitarian as it tends to be this way regardless of the dreamer’s sexual orientation.

Pamela: Where can people find your book?

Dr. Fox: It is on Amazon at http://www.drstevenfox.com

Dreams Guide to the Soul book


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I am a clinical psychologist in private practice in Arizona with over thirty years of experience. I recovered from MS around 2006 after fifteen years of purgatory. Part of the reason I improved against all odds was my fascination with dreams from which I frequently received direction. My 2nd book is “Multiple Sclerosis Mission Remission: Healing MS Against All Odds” which was just released on amazon.

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Dream Interpretation Interview with Dr. Steven Fox

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