Indie Author Benefits in a Dream

I’m a huge supporter of Indie authors, plus I am one myself; therefore, it was no surprise when I had the following short dream about an Indie author.

What’s Pamela Dreaming

A man (who is a stranger to me) was excited because he had a possible opportunity with a publisher to publish his book as he showed me the rough draft. After congratulating him, I suggested to him to think about self-publishing the book, and listed the benefits of being an Indie author, with the last one being he would earn a lot more money in book sales, instead of the 8% to 15% made with the publisher. He replied, “Oh, yeah, I forgot about self-publishing.”

Dream Interpretation 

Why did I have this dream? Could it be that I will help change someone’s mind about going with a publisher? Or maybe some publisher wants me to write a book for them? Possibly. However, what first came to me was this Indie author in a dream probably came about because I volunteer to aid Smashwords with the promotion of their Smart Author podcasts.

Smashwords gives free advice for the Indie author

When I was toying with the idea of writing a book, I did a ton of research about publishers, the steps I would need to take, and how to write a nonfiction book proposal. After writing ten pages of a book proposal, I felt disgusted with the ridiculous amount of work required to get an agent or publisher approval or rejection, while thinking to myself that I should just write the book. Luckily for me, I discovered Smashwords. What made Smashwords so special to me? They care about the Indie author, so Smashwords provides tools to help the self-publisher on how to publish and market your eBook. Smashwords is also a book distributor for iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Nobles, Overdrive (libraries), and more; therefore, I don’t need to format/upload an eBook for each online store, which saves hours of work! Plus, they pay me 85% of any books sold through Smashwords and 60% at other stores, no matter what the price of the eBook. Unlike Amazon, who only pays the author 35% for any eBook sold under the amount of $2.99 if the author is not in their Select program (only allowed to sell your eBook on Amazon).

Today, I have four eBooks with Smashwords, plus another eBook coming in 2018. Smashwords continues to find ways to help the Indie author, including their latest informative Smart Author podcasts. If you always wanted to write a book or need help marketing your eBook, I highly suggest these podcasts to begin your education.

Learn the Secret Language of DreamsPlease visit Smashwords to check out my four eBooks, including Learn the Secret Language of Dreams.

*Update as of July 2019, I now have six eBooks *





Benefits of Being an Indie Author

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