Purse Symbolism in Dreams

This blog about purse symbolism in dreams was inspired by two of my recent dreams. First, let’s cover the general meanings for purse, handbag, and pocketbooks; whatever you choose to call it. Please note this information is also valid for backpacks and wallets, too.

Purse Symbolism in Dreams

These are six general meanings for handbags and wallets:

  1. Identity
  2. Money
  3. Self-worth
  4. Personal valuables.
  5. Baggage that a person carries around.
  6. Social status depending upon the name brand of purse or wallet.

However, it’s important to know this dream symbol could have hundreds upon hundreds of messages. Why? You need to consider all of the following within the dream: emotions, actions, people, location, present situations, and more… Perhaps my dreams and their interpretations will help you to understand this?

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

Here are the two dreams that brought about the topic of purse symbolism in dreams.

First Dream

I was walking down the street with a former childhood friend and we’re talking about something. It was cold so I put on my winter coat, causing the coat sleeve on my left arm to bunch up, which felt uncomfortable. When I stopped to fix it, my friend kept on walking and either ignored me or didn’t hear me when I called out to wait. Her actions felt rude and hurtful to me. Then I realized that my purse was gone and panic. Thankfully, when I looked across the street, it was on the outside table of a restaurant where we had been.

Next, I’m at the table and my purse is no longer there, so I go inside. When I asked the store owner, who’s an older man, about my purse and describe it as a tan leather purse with an outside pocket. He hands me a gray purse and I said, “No, that’s not mine.” Next he hands me a black purse and I shake my head no. That’s when I noticed there’s a ton of purses piled on the floor and realized that he and his employees are probably stealing them. Then it occurs to me that I can call my cell phone to find my purse, so I asked to use their phone.

Second Dream

This dream occurred the next day and was short. I felt upset because I didn’t know where my purse was. When I noticed it was hanging on my left arm, I was relived and embarrassed.

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Two points before I interpret my dreams. It’s interesting how both dreams are about my left arm. There’s a school of thought that the left side of our body is controlled by our right brain and vice a versa, although science doesn’t fully support this theory. Nonetheless, I’ll be using this viewpoint to describe my left arm as creativity, intuition, and my female side. Secondly, in my waking life, my purses have two straps that can be used as a backpack. Why? Because if I wear my handbag on one arm it hurts my shoulder. While wearing it as a backpack keeps my body in alignment and leaves my arms free to easily pick up and carry things. In the wintertime I use a black purse, not the tan purse in the dream. Onward to an interpretation…


My former childhood friend is symbolic for something old in my life and since she keeps going without me, it’s time to let it go despite the emotions it causes. The coat symbolism is to take the action to keep myself comfortable and protected. Since the sleeve bunches up on my left arm, which causes me to stop; it seems this could be something new to create that I need to think about and use my intuition before taking action. Whatever it is, it’s valuable to me and in my distant future, hence seeing my purse on the table across the street.

This dream is cautioning me to be careful of who I share my valuable, creative ideas with. Either they could attempt to steal it or try to take my clear idea and darken it with their logical, old school thinking. That interpretation is referring to my purse being taken, the old man trying to pass off other purses, and me wondering about the stolen purses.

When it occurs to me to call my cellphone, this is representing the need to use communication and take action to achieve what is rightfully mine.

My second dream is informing me not to worry about this path as my creativity and treasures are still with me.

Now, these dreams can have other meanings. The reason this interpretation feels right to me is because of what is occurring in my life today, which I’m not ready to reveal.

Final Thoughts

My wish is that my dream has brought about clarity regarding purse symbolism in dreams. And to help you interpret your dream. If you need assistance in understanding your dream, please click dream interpretation by email with a choice to purchase a basic or in-depth interpretation. And the shop page has dream analysis products.

purse symbolism in dreams

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