Air Element in Dreams

This may seem strange to you, but I don’t consider the air element in dreams as a symbol. Rather, I think of it as part of the dream scene and/or background. However, it’s a symbol if you’re inhaling air, filling up a balloon, or on the air as in live radio. Whether a dream scene or symbol, air is usually associated with some type of action.

Air Element in Dreams

These are eight types of air that can occur in your dream:

  1. Cool breeze.
  2. Humid air.
  3. Gentle breeze.
  4. Cold air.
  5. Stale air.
  6. Wind.
  7. Hurricane/typhoon.
  8. Tornado.

These eight types of air elements can have thousands upon thousands of dream meanings! Why? Each dreamer is unique depending upon their upbringing, social environment, and current situations. This alone can have many dream meanings. Then add in feelings, actions, people, and other symbols; and the meanings of the air element are endless…

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Examples of Air Element in Dreams

Let’s use three examples to showcase how the air elements can be part of a dream scene.

Tornado Dream

You are walking down the street when sirens go off and you see a tornado in a distance. So you run into an office building. You open an office door to see a man surrounded by the wreckage that was caused by the tornado.

Stale Air

A woman dreams that she is climbing stairs to get to the attic; she opens the door, and walks in. Once inside she notices the air is stale with a musky scent. Boxes are piled up and she wonders to herself where the box of toys are.

Gentle Breeze

You’re are hanging out by a poolside, sipping a cocktail while enjoying the scenery and a cool breeze. When out of nowhere, your boss walks over to you. What is she doing here?

Obviously, there are cases when air can be a symbol. For instance, walking against the wind or being in the center of a tornado.

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

After receiving proofs for my upcoming oracle deck about dream analysis, my partner and I went to the store for shipping supplies. The majority of people were wearing masks. Yet, I kept my distance from those who weren’t. Perhaps this is what triggered the following dream:

I was surrounded by people who weren’t wearing masks. This made me feel uncomfortable because they could have Covid-19; therefore, I walked as far away from them as I could.

The next morning I decided to test my proof deck and pull a card for my dream. Here’s the card I pulled:

Air Card for Dream Analysis

Hmm, that makes sense as I certainly didn’t want to breathe in the air from these mask-less people. What happened later that morning certainly pertained to my tagline, Nighttime Messages, Daytime Wisdom.

Merlin, my cat, went outside with me for his daily outing. While we were hanging out a gigantic bird (possibly a Golden Eagle) landed on top of an enormous tree. It was impossible to see the bird’s facial expression as I could only view his shape; nonetheless, I felt like I was being watched. Then it occurred to me that this bird might be considering making a meal out of Merlin. To protect my kitty, I moved right next to him.

Merlin, Pamela Cummins Cat
Merlin Chilling In The Grass

Not only did the card pertain to my dream, it was also a message for the day. Birds are considered to be part of the air element in dreams, tarot, and so forth. Both the dream and my outing with Merlin contain elements of air and a need for protection. Cool beans!

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you now understand how air element in dreams can have many messages. Even my dream can have more meanings beside what I mentioned.

You are welcome to leave your air dream in the comments, although I won’t tell you what it means as that is a paid service. If you are interested in getting the dream interpreted, please visit dream interpretation services.

Dreaming of Air Element


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