Telepathic Deceased Dream Visitation

Dear Readers, I knew you would just love Renata Maniaci telepathic deceased dream visitation from her friend, Wil. Why? Because it’s amazing how many visits a day this site receives for the blog category on dreams of the deceased. Millions of people are receiving visits from their loved ones who have crossed and occasionally the communication is done telepathically.

Telepathic Deceased Dream Visitation

Enjoy my guest, Renata, experience, who wrote the following:

Background Information

To understand this experience, you need to know that while in middle and high school I had a good friend named Wil. We were close from sixth through tenth grade until he moved away, and we only kept sporadic contact after our high school years. In the summer of 2014, Wil was walking on the street in Chicago and was gunned down and killed by gang activity that he was not involved with. He was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. His death hit me deeply, despite not having been in contact for a few years. I was devastated.

This is a person who had overcome so much to get to where he was. Adopted from Guatemala at a young age by a white American family, learning English as his second language, often being the only person of color in the schools he was in. Anyway – you’d never know it to see him. He was the happiest person. Always popular. Always making people laugh.

Well, almost a year to the day he died I had an incredible experience while I was sleeping, and it did NOT feel like just any normal processing dream – this felt like a soul experience.

Renata Maniaci Telepathic Deceased Dream Visitation

Renata’s Telepathic Deceased Dream Visitation

I was walking down this pathway, and everything was white. I started by being 3 or 4 years old, but as I walked, I got older. Up ahead I could see a clearing, a circle and someone was standing there. By the time I reached the center, I was my current age at the time, 28, and I saw that the person before me was Wil.

He was taller than he was in life, and looking a bit older too – more mature, or wise. He was smiling so wide and he held out his arms, I went to him and we hugged, our cheeks touching. It felt like we were floating. I FELT our cheeks touching, I FELT our embrace my physical sleeping body. We didn’t say anything with our mouths, but what I received telepathically is him letting me know he was okay, and that what happened was OK, it was his time, and that we were having this experience so that I would know that and it would bring me comfort.

I woke up from that embrace still feeling his cheek on my cheek, and I was sobbing. Even now, I cannot talk or write about this experience without crying – that is how I know it was real.

Pamela’s Interpretation

Renata’s telepathic deceased dream visitation is an awesome example of an actual visit! Her walk down the pathway is symbolic of her journey so far on the planet Earth… While Wil appearance could represent how his time on the other side has assisted his spiritual growth and expansion in wisdom. It’s not unusual for our departed loved ones to appear to us at different ages than we remembered them, whether that’s older or younger.

What I love about Renata’s visitation is how it really showcases an actual visitation. You can learn more about this, by watching the video, “3 Types of Deceased Dreams.” These actual visitations usually don’t have a ton of action, words, or symbolism; however, they’re extremely powerful and life altering!

Not everyone communicates telepathically in their deceased visitation dreams and it is entirely possible that Renata journeyed to a very high dimension in her dream state. Whether it’s thru actions, telepathic or verbal communication; these dreams brings healing, comfort, and a knowing that life goes on after our Earthly death…

About Renata Maniaci

Renata Maniaci

Renata Maniaci is on this planet to assist in the ascension process occurring on Earth at this time. The majority of Ren’s work at the moment includes assisting humanity in remembering that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience and facilitating the integration of Divine Balance within to further their own spiritual development. To learn more about her, please visit her website, her podcast at, and Renata’s awakening community is

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