If You Die In Your Dream, Will You Die?

Have you ever heard that if you have a dream about falling while dreaming and hit the ground – you will die? What happens if someone kills you in your dream, are you truly dead? Has this been scientifically proven?

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Obviously, this hasn’t been proven by science, if it was, scientists would have proof of life after death. Who knows where this train of thought originally came from; perhaps from the same train of thought that black cats are evil? Which by the way, my black cat, Rhiannon, is so sweet and rarely causes trouble, unlike my white cat, Merlin. Maybe this idea originated with a medium; however, I never heard of this from my medium friends, nor have I come across the concept while doing my own readings.

Dying in a Dream

So what does it mean when you die in a dream? It’s the same meaning of the Death card in tarot; this card and dying in your dreams is really about endings. That’s right, endings of a chapter in your life to help you transform and grow to a higher level.

Could a death dream have another meaning? Of course, as there’s always a possibility of more meanings for your dreams depending on your emotions, other symbols in the dream, issues in your life, and past life experience. 

Here are seven explanations of what your dream means:

1. An actual precognitive dream that yours or someone else’s actual death that will occur in the future.
2. To warn you of present or upcoming health issues.
3. Your fear of death is coming into your dream to help resolve it.
4. Past life memories of your death in a prior life.
5. A recent death of a loved one or acquaintance triggers the dream.
6. You have been reading or watching too much television on the topic of death and murders.
7. An unresolved issue or event that you wish would just die.

By the way, I’m living proof that you don’t die in a dream because at different times in my life I’ve had two dreams of being shot in the head! Both dreams were about the upcoming transformation in my life, and my first one I had sometime in the early 90’s before I became self-employed showcases this point.

Pamela’s Dream

To deal with the overpopulation of the planet, society made a law that when your social security number was called they would shoot you. I heard my social security number being called. Some men with government uniforms and guns came over to me. I told them, “I don’t want to die.” Their response was, “You have no choice, turn around so I can shoot you.” Which I responded, “I’m not turning around, if you going to shoot me, you’re gonna have to shoot me while I’m looking at you.” They shoot me in the head and to my astonishment I didn’t die!


Would you like to know the interpretation of that dream? This dream symbolized how I needed to proceed to the next phase of my life by being self-employed in a field that wasn’t accepted by mainstream society. However, some people in society would think my work was wrong or harmful, yet I needed to do it. By keeping to my morals and boundaries this would transform me. Ta dah! By listening to my dream and intuition, I went through a transformation.

How about you? Did you ever died in your dream?

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Dreaming about dying in a dream could it cause an actual death or is there another dream interpretation

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