Interpreting the Many Layers of Cheating Dreams

Do you know that interpreting a dream can be compared to putting together a puzzle? Sometimes, you’re lucky enough, in the beginning to have some of the jigsaw puzzle put together, while other times you don’t even have the border of the puzzle done.This is why it can be difficult interpreting cheating dreams.

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Cheating Dream Example

Let me give you a dream example of the many layers of Interpreting a dream – a woman emailed me that she had four dreams that her boyfriend cheated on her. Most people would think her dreams are a no-brainer to interpret and her boyfriend has obviously been with someone else. Yes, that could be one meaning; however, due to the limited amount of information she gave me, it can be compared to a puzzle without a border and only a few pieces put together.


You see, she left out if her four dreams happened in the same or similar way, if they did, this would be the dream category of recurring dreams. She also left out how she was feeling, most likely she would be upset or angry, but who knows maybe these dreams filled her with joy?

Perhaps her partner isn’t actually cheating on her, yet deceiving her in another manner, using the symbolism of being screwed over! Or she disapproves of the way he behaves in front of her, whether that’s grinding with another woman on the dance floor, flirting with other women at a party, or the way he interacts with people or his dog?

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Events in her past may come into play with her dreams. Was she cheated on in the past from her ex-boyfriend or husband? Did her dad cheat on her mother? Has her current boyfriend cheated on her before? Her dream could be about her fear of him cheating on her. Or a memory dream of an ex-lover who now has the face of her current lover.

There’s a theory that everyone in your dream is really yourself. Which would mean the woman is having thoughts of cheating on her boyfriend, or has already cheated on him four times, or had an affair on 4th Avenue. Maybe, she is feeling cheated on the quality of this relationship and desiring another man?

She neglected to say if she knew the woman; therefore, was she in completion with her? Did this woman steal a former boyfriend? Or is she scared that her boyfriend is attracted to the woman in her dreams?

Were there any other symbols in the dream? And what words that were exchanged? All those things can completely change the dreams’ meaning and open it up to thousands of interpretations.

Dream Categories

Let’s take a few dream categories, which you can read about in my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams. I already mentioned how this could be a recurring dream that is showcasing problems in her love life.

How Dream Categories Effect Cheating Dreams

• This also can be a solution dream to her question if her boyfriend is the one for her. If this was a solution dream then the answer would be “NO!”
• A precognitive dream is a premonition of upcoming events that this will happen. Another way to look at it is advance information to inspire her to put more effort in the relationship to avert this future event.
• Another dream category is health dreams showcasing her boyfriend had many lovers in the past and she needs to see a doctor.

Hopefully, now you understand that dream interpretation is complex and it’s rare to find your dream meaning in a dream dictionary. As you need to observe the many facets within the dream, while taking your feelings, past history, and current problems into consideration. Along with all the other symbols within the dreams.

When I analyze your dream I examine all the symbolism and layers within the dreams, at times my psychic abilities come into play. Then I give one or more interpretations. As much as I love interpreting dreams. My real love is teaching you how to do dream interpretation. I can interpret a dream for you or teach to interpret your dreams for a lifetime. Please check out my dream interpretation services to discover which one works best for you.

Interpreting the Many Layers of Cheating Dreams blog and podcast
Dreams of Cheating

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