Martina, Slovenia

Working with Pamela has fine-tuned my intuition, which will not only helped me make better decisions in life and business, but also how to better understand and support my clients.
Martina, Slovenia

Christine, New Jersey

Thanks a million for your coaching! You presented the lesson & information so well. It was so helpful! I feel so much better.

Iyael, FL.

I’m very satisfied with your interpretation, and somehow feel a lot of peace right now. All the interpretations make me grow in a different way. I have read your words many times. I feel a great sense of awareness that I know I will use into taking the correct actions within myself to grow and have an even happier life and family than the one I already have.

Natalie S. Washington, DC

Wow, Pamela. I am floored. This is incredible. You are truly gifted.
I feel like I need weekly check-ins with you. I’m speechless.
You are one of a kind.
Thank you SO much!

Lisa Whitehall, PA

I attended Pamela Cummins’s 3 class series and a class about Dreams about Deceased Loved Ones and I was very happy. Pamela is very knowledgeable and also has a lot of her own experience with dreams. Pamela is funny and engages her students to participate. She takes breaks and makes sure to see if you have any questions. Pamela told us that everyone has their own meaning for things that they see in their dreams. If you see a snake in your dream that meaning for you is different than the meaning it has for someone else. If you really like snakes the meaning for you is a good one but if someone is scared of snakes the meaning for them will be very different. I really enjoyed her classes and I hope that she has more of them!

Wendy Rae, CT

Wow! I totally wasn’t expecting a dream interpretation like this. I think you are spot on with your intuition. Thank you so much for the dream interpretation. I am blown away!