Cat Dream Meanings

Meow, did you have a dream about a cat or cats last night? For this blog post the cats I’m referring to are either domestic or feral cats. Big cats such as lion, tigers, or cougars can have different dream meanings. The following two paragraphs are taken from the chapter on “Dream Symbolism” in my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams, which supports the theory that any dream symbol can have numerous meanings.

Cat Different Dream  Meanings

Let’s use the cat as an example of how one thing can have many different meanings. If you look up the meaning of cat in a symbol book or on the internet, you would find the following: intuition, mysterious, independent, luxury, and feminine. A kitty’s purr would be associated with healing or pleasure. The meaning of a black cat could be seen as bad luck. You can see how a feline can mean many different things.

In a cat lover’s dream the feline would bring a feeling of love and companionship. They could have a dream that predicts a new kitty will be their pet in the future. In Chapter Seven you will read about how my cat, Midnite, visited me after her death in my dream. A hissing kitty may be a nightmare for someone who is afraid of cats. Yet for someone else who is having issues with a girlfriend, the hissing cat could stand for the friend being catty.

Other addition meanings are:

• Kitten dream could be for your younger inner-self.
• Feral cats are symbolic for your wild side or being uneducated.
• A cat colony may be for numerous aspects of yourself.

It’s important to observe the feeling you have in your dreams, to learn more about how this helps interpret your dreams, please read Emotions in Dreams, Aids in Dream Interpretation. Let’s use the following dream example:

Feral Cats Dream Symbol

Out of nowhere, a feral cat jumped up into my lap, and rubbed his face against my face.

Here are four different emotions that alter the dream meanings:

1. For a woman who takes care of feral cats, she may feel happy that the feral cat is finally warming up to her.
2. This would be a nightmare for a person who is terrified of cats, as feral cats tend to be even more unpredictable.
3. If someone is baffled how to respond it would be symbolic for an area in their life that they need to learn more about.
4. A man who had this dream could feel remorseful about his wild behavior and now has to face up to the consequences.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, add in your past experiences, current issues, and other symbols within the dreams to add thousands upon thousands of possible interpretations. Perhaps, you’re wondering if dream interpretation is so complicated, why bother? My following quote explains why: 

The journey of learning the secret language of dreams is fascinating and well worth the effort. ~ Pamela Cummins

Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive dreams may also occur with cat owners; I’ve had many, and here’s one of my dreams from the day before I picked up the white kitten, which I knew I was going to adopt:

My black cat, Midnite, (who had crossed over to the other side) jumped down from her pedestal. Then Merlin, the white kitten, jumped up onto the pedestal.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that dream. Although, the feelings in the dream were of great love, and Midnite’s approval of Merlin.

Since cats are so intuitive they can communicate with us during our dreams. Here’s a guest post I did for Happiness Between the Tails that’s a great example of how Merlin explained his health problem.

Hopefully, this blog with dream examples illustrates how cat symbols are easier to comprehend when you add in emotions, what has or is occurring in your life, and other symbols within the dreams.

If you need assistance with your dream meanings, please check out my dream interpretation services.

I wish you many purrfect dreams!

Purrs for Humans,Calling all cat lovers!

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Cat Dream Meanings

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  1. Hi i had a dream about a white cat. This cat had black eyes, i was holding him under his front legs when he started hissing continuisly i started hissing back at him in the time we were hissing at each other his eyes turned 3 shades if black then he stoped hissing and smiled at me i gave him a hug and then i woke up. can you please tell me what this dream means to me it feels like im goinng to have 3 difrent obstacles coming my way but i will overcome them could it maby mean something elss

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