“Dreaming About Your Ex” on Facebook Live

What an experience it was using BeLive.tv for the first time on Facebook Live based on my most popular blog yet, “Why am I dreaming of My Ex?” My friend and colleague, Tiffany White suggested using BeLive.tv since it has perks that Facebook Live doesn’t have. Tiffany uses it all the time for her Goldylocks Production radio and television shows.

Dream Meanings for an Ex

I schedule the show, got a confirmation from BeLive.tv, which also asked if I had any questions. My question was if I could share the post from Pamela Cummins Author business page to my personal page while it was live. They responded, “Yes.”

Fast forward to the time of the broadcast, Dipsey Doodle was wondering why it wasn’t working, until my man asked me if I was using the Google Chrome browser on my desktop. Duh, no I wasn’t. After getting into the right browser, I started the presentation, and shared the show to my personal Facebook page. Oh, no it ended the broadcast! I started panicking, yet breathed through it as I deleted that broadcast, and began anew. LOL, afterwards I realized that I did the live presentation on my personal page instead of the business page.


Here are the lessons I learned from that experience: use the Google Chrome browser on my desktop, put a BIG note on my computer screen to remind me to use the right browser, always double check before going live that the broadcast is on the correct Facebook page, and go into Mozilla Firefox or a different browser to share the post while it’s recording live. Maybe my experience will help you?

Ta, Dah, here is the video on why you dream about your ex:



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